Alternative Transportation Accidents in Houston

Accidents Involving Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Public Transit

As Houston has continued to grow in its population over the last few decades, the number of transportation options for commuting workers has increased. But along with these changes is also an increase in accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists with motor vehicles, as well as accidents involving bus, rail, and train services.

As of 2017, it was reported that the number of accidents in Houston involving pedestrians and motor vehicles had increased by 46% since 2015. Accidents involving vehicles and bicyclists had increased by 34% between 2015 and 2016.

Texas is considered one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians, mostly based on statistics from Houston accidents. A predominant cause of these accidents is negligence on the part of the driver, often due to distracted driving or driving while intoxicated.

The Houston personal injury attorneys at Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs are here to hold negligent drivers accountable for the accidents and injuries they have caused. If you or a loved one has been injured while engaging in alternative transportation (such as walking, biking, or riding by bus or rail), we can make a powerful case for securing compensation on your behalf.

How Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs Can Help

  • We thoroughly investigate the accident
  • We determine what insured parties share liability for damages
  • We present a solid case for fair money damages

In order to win your personal injury case against a negligent driver, we will need to prove that your injury was caused by the driver breaching his or her duty to you as a pedestrian or bicyclist. Our attorneys can conduct the necessary investigation and help gather evidence for your case.

Bus, Rail, and Public Transit

Every year, thousands of commuters make use of transportation services like the Amtrak rail system, Greyhound bus lines, and the METRO agency of Harris County, which offers buses, light rail, paratransit, and other lift services. In January 2018, the monthly ridership for METRO’s local bus system was over 4 million, and for the light rail, over 1 million.
Houston Metro

Common Causes of Public Transit Accidents are:

  • Roadway collisions – Accidents like colliding with another driver or crashing into an object often prove to be the result of a bus driver’s own negligence.
  •  Slipping and/or falling – A slippery floor or vehicle entryway/steps on a bus, train, or rail can put passengers at risk for falling and getting injured. It is the responsibility of the transit company to ensure that personnel swiftly address issues like spilled liquids and wet or icy entryways.
  •  Vehicles crashing into light rail – You will likely have grounds to file a claim if you were injured on the light rail due to a collision with another vehicle.
  •  Derailment of a light rail or train – This is rare, but when it does occur, results in catastrophic injury and death. Our firm can handle injury claims involving even the most extreme types of accidents.

Filing a Claim Against the Houston METRO

In the state of Texas, personal injury lawsuits differ depending on whether you are filing a claim against a private company/individual or a government institution. Because the Houston METRO is a state government agency, you will need to abide by a different set of rules when filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Per the Texas Tort Claims Act, enacted in 1969, the following stipulations affect personal injury claims against a government-owned public transit company:

  • In order to file a claim, the accident must have been caused by the operation of a “motor-driven vehicle or motor-driven equipment,” or a defect with the vehicle itself. Unfortunately, this prohibits filing a claim for rail accidents. However, you would be permitted to pursue compensation for injuries sustained in a bus accident.
  • There is a maximum limit for how much you can recover for damages. In regular personal injury cases, a victim can sue for “punitive damages,” which go above and beyond the cost of medical bills and other losses. Under the Tort Claims Act, a government institution can only be held responsible for “ordinary damages,” which simply cover the cost of the victim’s recovery.

Get the Legal Help You Need for Your Alternative Transportation Claim

An experienced personal injury attorney from our firm can help investigate the accident, gather compelling evidence, and make a persuasive case before the jury. Attorneys Briggs and Henderson are Board Certified Personal Injury Attorneys, and Attorney Fibich is Board Certified in civil trial law. Only 10% of practicing attorneys are Board Certified, making our firm stand out as uniquely qualified to represent your case.
Houston Personal Injury lawyers in counsel

Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs can assist with your car accident case. We will help you understand your rights and help secure the compensation you deserve. Call (713) 496-0549

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