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Were You Injured By a Faulty Appliance?

Statistically, more injuries occur at home than in any other place. Every day, Americans use power tools, kitchen utensils, and appliances that can cause serious injury if used incorrectly or if defective. When a defective gas or electric appliance explodes or burns, the injuries can be catastrophic. Get in touch with our Houston catastrophic injury lawyer for a free consultation.

Our History of Success

Our firm’s Houston product liability attorneys have been representing clients in appliance fire and defective appliances cases since we opened our doors in 1992. We are recognized by legal professionals and clients for our commitment to fighting aggressively to help people obtain the maximum compensation they are entitled to after being injured by defective appliances.

Our trial lawyers work closely with independent professionals to investigate and present a strong case. By being serious about winning large jury verdicts at trial, we are often able to settle cases more quickly and fairly than at the negotiating table.

Experienced Trial Attorneys Fight for Your Rights

If you have been injured by an appliance fire or defective appliance, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. We will explain what some of the issues are regarding unsafe product claims in Texas, and we will make sure that you fully understand your options.

You will be under no pressure to retain us to represent you. If you do, we will take your case on contingency. We will pay for the cost of investigating and preparing your case and you will not pay attorney’s fees unless you obtain money in a settlement or verdict.

Your Houston product liability lawyer will work directly with you until your appliance fire or defective appliance case is completely resolved and will always be available to answer your questions and help you make the right decision. Responsive communication is a hallmark of our success.

Contact our Houston personal injury lawyer to schedule a free consultation about your appliance fire or defective appliance case today.