Case Results

Fibich Leebron Copeland and Briggs have achieved great results representing those that have been harmed by others. These successes have occurred across the Nation in consolidated proceedings as well as individual lawsuits. The below cases are representative of the type of cases that have been historically handled by this firm and the results obtained.

Sory By:
SCC Opportunity Partners, LLC vs Charter Title, Marvin Zindler Jr, Bandier Realty, Trey Halberdier, Rob Banzhaf, Rocky Del Papa III, and Kenneth Vaught Jr. Doug – Verdict $16.8 million

Tommy Fibich Co Lead Counsel with Ellzey and associates.
215th Harris County District Court
Cause number: 2011-43194
Tortious Interference with Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud.

$16.5 Million

Real Estate

State of Alaska v. Eli Lilly and Co – $15 million

Tommy Fibich, Co-Counsel Alaska State Court
The state of Alaska sued the manufacturer of the drug, Zyprexa, for failure to warn of adverse consequences of taking the drug. This case was settled the 3rd week of trial.

$8 Figure

Product Liability

Rhea McAllister v. Metabolife – $7.4 Million verdict

Product Liability
Tommy Fibich Co-Counsel for Plaintiff
Rhea McAllister sued Metabolife Diet Supplement for causing her to suffer a minor stroke. The Metabolife product contained ephedra, which was later banned by the FDA. This jury verdict and other suits against Metabolite handled by the Fibich firm in collaboration with other firms was responsible for this product being taken on the market.

$7.4 Million

Product Liability

$7 Figure

Sexual Assault

Nguyen v. Lighvani, et al. – $6,600,000.00 trial verdict

Medical Malpractice
Lead attorneys—Greg Fibich and Russ Briggs
234th Harris County District Court
Judge Wesley Ward
Medical Malpractice lawsuit involving failure to timely diagnose and treat a portal vein blood clot.

$6 Million

Wrongful Death

Darlina Brown v. Michael Brown – $5,625,000 verdict

Domestic Assault
Tommy Fibich represented Darlina Brown
Darlina Brown was a domestic violence victim when attacked by her intoxicated husband, Michael Brown, a Houston orthopedic surgeon. This assault caused Darlina Brown who was 7 months pregnant to be hospitalized with premature labor and injuries.  Darlina Brown sued her husband for aggravated assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress, The jury awarded Ms. Brown $5,625,000 which was paid by the defendant.