Mass Tort About Paragard


Have you received a Paragard intrauterine device (IUD)? If so, you should be aware of the injury lawsuits involving the birth control device. Several injured users have filed lawsuits that have been centralized into a mass tort. If a Paragard IUD injured you, it’s not too late to get involved.

The defective product attorneys at Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs have several decades of experience helping the injured. We led the fight against the makers of Fen-Phen, Vioxx, and Topamax. We know how to take on major pharmaceutical corporations, and we’re ready to fight for your recovery.

What is the Paragard Mass Tort?

Injury claims involving the Paragard IUD have risen in recent years. According to multiple Paragard lawsuits, the device presents a danger to patients who receive it, mainly when doctors remove it.

Approved by the FDA in 1984, the Paragard IUD is implanted in the uterus and releases a small amount of copper particles that are supposed to prevent sperm from reaching an egg. The device is supposed to last for ten years. A vital piece of the Paragard marketing was that it was easy to remove: a doctor should be able to simply pull a cord attached to the device to remove it. When pulled, the arms at the top of the device should flex upward, allowing the device to be pulled through the cervix and removed from the body.

According to the Paragard lawsuits, however, this is not always the case. The plastic arms allegedly become stiff over time and break when doctors try to remove the device. Pieces of plastic break off, creating sharp edges and lodging themselves in the uterus.

In 2021, a multi-district litigation (MDL) was created: MDL-2974. An MDL centralizes similar cases to be heard by one judge. As of March 1, 2024, injured users have filed over 2,500 lawsuits against the makers of Paragard, seeking compensation for their injuries and losses.

There is still time for you to take action.

Do I Have a Defective Product Case Against Paragard Manufacturers?

If you suffered harm from a Paragard IUD malfunction, you could have grounds to seek recovery with a Houston personal injury lawyer. Some of the common injuries, damages, and losses linked to Paragard include:

  • Infertility
  • Migration of the device within the body
  • Perforation of the cervix or uterus
  • Allergic reactions or inflammation when pieces of the device break off and stay inside the body
  • Infections
  • Severe pain
  • Scarring

Many users also required additional surgeries to remove pieces of the device that broke off during removal.

What Should I Do About a Defective Paragard Injury?

If you sustained any serious injuries or incurred extra medical debt from a broken Paragard IUD, you may have grounds to join the ongoing multidistrict litigation (MDL) claims. Here’s what you should consider doing:

  • Preserve the device, if possible
  • Collect all your medical bills and receipts related to the device
  • Keep a journal that documents your symptoms, including dates and severity of injuries
  • Contact an attorney with experience handling pharmaceutical claims

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