Houston Refinery Explosion Attorneys


Billions of Dollars Recovered for Our Clients

Oil and gas refinery and drill platform workers face some of the most dangerous working conditions in America. Every year, thousands of workers sustain workplace injuries in refinery explosions while performing routine tasks on the job.

While the state of Texas enjoys great benefits from refineries and oil exploration companies operating here, personal injuries resulting from negligence on the part of management can ruin the lives of workers and their family members. If you or someone you love suffered an injury, working with the refinery explosion attorneys in Houston from our firm can give you a better chance of securing the compensation you deserve.

Explosions Cause Serious Injuries

Our accident lawyers have an in-depth understanding of refinery negligence and the regulations that are often ignored. Refineries require a particular level of care and attention to detail in their operation and maintenance.

Victims may also be severely injured by:

  • Petrochemical releases
  • Toxic emissions
  • Waste disposal practices

Employees who become victims of refinery explosions, environmental contamination, and other catastrophic injuries quite often require extensive medical attention – possibly for a lifetime. Contact our Houston catastrophic injury lawyers for a free consultation.

Refinery Explosions and Negligence

At Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs, our lawyers handle injury and wrongful death cases resulting from any kind of refinery explosion or negligence. An explosion resulting in injury or death caused by management negligence or employee misconduct at a refinery or on an oil rig may cause the employee or family members to file a lawsuit to recover fair compensation for costs and pain.

If you have been injured in a refinery explosion or accident, or if you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident as a result of refinery negligence, our Houston personal injury lawyers are here to fight for the compensation to which you may be entitled.