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Disputes over a deceased loved one’s will or trust can create a contentious rift between family members, resulting in a heated legal battle. Whether you want to honor the last wishes of your loved one or were left off the will or trust, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation from a skilled lawyer.

At Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs, we have the experience required to handle such disputes between family members and other interested parties. Our Houston will contest attorneys are prepared to either finding a common ground to resolve the situation or aggressively protecting your rights and best interests throughout the litigation process. Let us help you contest and rectify a will or trust and get the results you desire.

Grounds for Will & Trust Disputes

Any trust or will can be subject to a dispute. This occurs when a party—either a beneficiary named in the trust or will or a person who would’ve inherited assets from the estate if the trust or will didn’t exist— with the right to contest these documents challenges their validity.

Trusts and wills are often disputed for the following reasons:

  • Forgery or fraud – A will or trust may not be valid if a signature is illegally altered for personal gain or missing.
  • Competency – If there are doubts surrounding the mental capacity of the person when the will or trust was created or altered at some point.
  • Undue influence – When a person coerced or unfairly takes advantage of a vulnerable or mentally incompetent individual, forcing them to change their will or trust.
  • Duress – Threats of physical harm or financial exploitation made against the person who created the will or trust.
  • Errors – Any mistakes made in the trust or will must be corrected.
  • Physical destruction – If the will or trust documents have been either destroyed or lost.
  • Oral agreements – Spoken agreements can be subject to litigation, despite the fact that the decedent didn’t write down his/her wishes.

Our experienced legal team can collect medical and other relevant information, interview those who may possess insight into the deceased individual’s true wishes, and perform comprehensive research to build a strong case strategy on your behalf. We want to gather all of the facts prior to contesting a will or trust.

Providing Effective Resolutions in Will & Trust Disputes

If you are suspicious of unlawful activity surrounding your deceased family member’s will or trust, or you have been accused of wrongdoing, our Houston trust dispute lawyers have extensive trial and dispute resolution experience. We can guide you through the complexities of the legal proceedings and obtain the justice you deserve.

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