Practice Area Category: Jury Verdicts

Medical Malpractice Lead attorneys – Greg Fibich and Russ Briggs 234th Harris County District Court Judge Wesley Ward Medical Malpractice lawsuit involving failure to timely diagnose and treat a portal vein blood clot.

Premises liability Lead attorney – Russ Briggs 113th Harris County District Court Judge Geraldine Tennant Harris County was sued for “special defect” for missing manhole cover on roadway, causing pedestrian to fall and injure lower leg.

Premises liability Lead attorney – Russ Briggs 127th Harris County District Court Judge Sharolyn Wood Premises case where child was injured when her hand became lodged in escalator belt return.

Negligent entrustment of dune buggy to minor Lead attorney – Russ Briggs 280th Harris County District Court Judge Tony Lindsay Minor sustained facial injuries when she was allowed by adult acquaintance to drive dune buggy and collided with tree.

Commercial case – suit on guaranty agreement Lead attorneys – Tommy Fibich and Russ Briggs 133rd Harris County District Court Judge H. G. Andrews Joint venture partner sustained financial damages as the result of breach of guaranty agreement.

Wrongful termination Lead attorney: Tommy Fibich 410th District Court, Montgomery County Judge Mike Mayers Plaintiff fired for refusing to do an illegal act.

Commercial case – Negligence of insurance agency Lead attorneys – Russ Briggs and Anthony Foster Cause: 2019DCV-1746-G 319th Nueces County District Court Judge David Stith Condominium owners sustained financial damages as they were underinsured for Business Interruption insurance.

Tommy Fibich Counsel for Richard Mcintosh Judge Scott R. Link 80th District Court of Harris County Cause Number: 95-01543 Richard Mcintosh, a Green Beret, was rear-ended by a Penske Truck in Houston Texas. The Defendant asserted Captain Mcintosh’s back injury was not caused by the accident because of minor property damage to his car.

Product liability – Pharmaceutical Drug Pennsylvania County Common Pleas Minor child born with cleft lip and cleft palate due to mother’s ingestion of prescribed drug during pregnancy.

Judge Eugene Chambers 215th District Court of Harris County Cause number: 92-30685 Loyce White sustained a severe back injury when a mainframe computer rolled off the bed of a truck as he was attempting to load it because the lift was not working properly.