Who Can Be Held Liable for My Guardrail Car Accident Injuries?

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Guardrails are safety devices meant to soften the blow of cars that collide on highways and interstates and to keep vehicles on the road when hazardous conditions exist beyond the shoulder. But when guardrails don’t function properly, they pose significant dangers to motorists and are capable of inflicting serious injuries and fatalities.

If you’ve suffered injuries after colliding with a guardrail, it’s possible the guardrail malfunctioned, and you may be entitled to compensation from the entities that manufactured, installed, or maintained it. A skilled Houston guardrail accident lawyer at Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs can guide you through the complex process of an injury lawsuit and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Parties That Could be Held Liable for Guardrail Car Accident Injuries

If a guardrail has a design flaw, manufacturing defect, improper installation, or poor maintenance, the outcome can be devastating for motorists involved in guardrail crashes. Parties that may be responsible for car accidents involving faulty guardrails include:

  • Guardrail Manufacturers – Poorly designed guardrails may provide inadequate protection and cause additional harm during a collision. If the guardrail’s design or materials were defective, the manufacturer may be liable for injuries you sustained. Trinity Industries, SKT, and X-Lite Guardrail are all manufacturers suspected of making defective guardrail designs.
  • Contractors or Installers – Guardrail systems must be installed at the correct angle, distance from the roadway, and height to be effective. Construction companies, general contractors, or guardrail installers can be responsible for improperly installed guardrails.
  • Government Entities – A hazardous situation exists if guardrails are broken, missing, or poorly maintained. Local and state governments are responsible for maintaining roads, including any guardrails thereon. A government agency may be liable if a damaged guardrail contributed to the accident.
  • Other Drivers – The guardrail may be the main issue, but the behavior of other drivers can also contribute to an accident.

It is essential to remember that for any driver, hitting a guardrail and leaving the accident scene can violate Texas law and potentially lead to charges for a hit-and-run.

How to Prove Liability in a Houston Guardrail Accident Lawsuit

Proving liability in a Houston guardrail accident is complicated. As with any lawsuit, evidence is everything. Typical evidence that may benefit your guardrail case includes:

  • Photographs of your injuries, the accident scene, and debris on the road to piece together what happened
  • Police report containing details about the crash and apparent cause
  • Eyewitness testimony to help corroborate the evidence
  • Local weather reports
  • Operations and roadway maintenance schedules
  • History of roadway complaints
  • Documentation of roadway construction projects and schedules
  • Documentation of guardrail redesign plans

Lawsuits involving guardrail accidents are highly complex. It can be incredibly confusing when deciding which entities to sue and calculating your compensation. An experienced Houston area guardrail accident attorney is essential to building a solid case.

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