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Trinity Industries, X-LITE Guardrail, and SKT are all guardrail manufacturers that have come under scrutiny over their guardrail systems, which have been alleged to be associated with several injuries and deaths. Victims and families who have suffered injuries or losses in accidents involving guardrails are now filing lawsuits against the manufacturers for reasons including faulty manufacturing, incorrect installation, and/or a lack of proper maintenance.

At Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs, we continue to investigate and file claims against ET-Plus Guardrail manufacturer Trinity Industries. It is believed that the dangerous and defective guardrail end terminal caused dozens of deaths and hundreds of serious injuries. If you were injured in a guardrail accident, contact our Houston car accident lawyer at (713) 751-0025 for a free consultation.

Why Are Guardrail Manufacturers Under Scrutiny?

Guardrails typically work by transferring the force of an impact into an end terminal. The guardrail is then flattened and curls off to the side, away from a car. This absorbs energy from a collision and slows a vehicle down. One alleged problem with ET-Plus guardrails, for example, is that they were modified by Trinity Industries years ago.

According to lawsuits filed across the country, the guardrail manufacturer changed the height and width of the feeder channel to save the company money. The change was made without notifying state and federal regulators. It is alleged that this change resulted in a catastrophic design defect that ended up causing several fatal accidents.

What Types of Injuries Have Been Caused by Guardrails?

While it is unclear the exact number of people that have been injured or killed in guardrail-related accidents, it is estimated to be in the hundreds. It is believed that faulty manufacturing or poor installation are the main contributors to the majority of guardrail injury cases.

Injuries associated with Guardrail crashes:

  • Amputation of legs and feet
  • Crush-related injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Piercing wounds
  • Paralysis

After numerous ET-Plus guardrail-related incidents were reported, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) released a statement regarding those particular guardrail systems. According to the press release, the TxDOT discontinued the installation of ET-Plus Guardrail End Treatments in 2014. The state regulator also began collecting data on guardrail accidents throughout the state to share with the FHWA. However, guardrails from several different manufacturers still play a big role in countless severe auto accidents every year.

Are Faulty Guardrails Still Used in the U.S.?

To date, most states have banned future installations of the ET-Plus guardrail system, however, few have removed existing guardrails that contain the allegedly defective design. In addition, other types of faulty guardrail systems are still in operation, posing serious risks to drivers. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 guardrails on highways throughout the United States. Some states may have as many as 7,000 guardrails that pose serious risk to drivers.

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