West Houston Building Collapsed, Leaving 3 Dead and 1 Injured

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Tragedy Struck When an Interior Stairwell Collapsed Without Warning

Commercial construction continues throughout the Houston area. Despite an economic slowdown, both new construction and renovations are underway. Construction sites can be dangerous for workers. A recent West Houston building collapse shows just how quickly a job site can become a tragedy.

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Fatal Building Collapse in West Houston

According to multiple news outlets, including KHOU 11, the interior stairwell of a 15-story building collapsed without warning, killing three people and hospitalizing a fourth worker. The building is under construction in west Houston, located near I-10 and Beltway 8.

The Houston Fire Department responded to the scene but were unable to determine what caused the collapse. Officials stated that the building itself was not at risk of collapse, but were worried about structural instability in the stairwell, leading to a secondary collapse.

Houston Hotel Roof Collapse Injures Nine

The devastating partial collapse of the 2021 headquarters of Marathon Oil is not the first in Houston’s history. In July 2019, nine people were injured when a hotel roof collapsed. The hotel was under construction when the accident occurred, as reported by ABC 13.

Workers were laying concrete when the floor collapsed. Early reporting indicated that inspectors believed “inadequate” shoring might have been to blame for the incident. Three of the workers injured in the collapse were taken to the hospital.

Construction Accident Injuries

Construction accidents can be catastrophic, resulting in serious injury or even death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified the top four construction hazards.

Leading causes of injury and death for construction workers include:

  • Falls
  • Struck-by Object
  • Caught-In/Between (stuck or crushed by structures, equipment, etc.)
  • Electrocutions

Construction workers are more susceptible to injuries related to falls, particularly when working at a site with multiple levels. Even if it is only a few feet, falling to a lower level can result in death. Failure to provide adequate fall protection is one of the most commonly cited OSHA violations.

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While construction projects can help a struggling economy recover, they can also prove deadly. It is important that all construction workers are provided with adequate training, proper safety equipment, and a safe place to work free from hazards. If a construction site does not meet these standards, a negligent party can be held liable.

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