At Least 5 Dead and 30 Injured In a Major Accident on I-35 in Fort Worth, Texas

Highway Construction

Nearly 100 Vehicles Involved in Deadly Pileup in Southbound Lanes

Earlier this morning, between 75 and 100 vehicles were involved in a major accident on I-35W near downtown Fort Worth. At least 5 people have been killed and dozens injured. Several 18-wheelers are believed to be involved in the tragic accident that left wreckage a mile-long.

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Dozens Injured, At Least 5 Dead

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there are at least 5 confirmed dead and 30 injured. The pileup involved numerous vehicles, including semi-trucks, police cars, and MedStar vehicles. Several people have had to be extricated from their cars. The wreckage began in the early morning hours on Thursday.

A nearby 7-Eleven clerk also told the Star-Telegram that several motorists came into the store at around 5:30 am after being involved in a car accident. Witnesses saw vehicles in the southbound lanes of I-35W unable to stop, crashing into each other as early as 6:20 am. Some individuals involved in the wreck indicate that they were hit multiple times. Authorities have shut down all affected lanes, stating it could take all day to clear the highway.

Family Reunification Center

The size of the crash prompted Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price to activate the Emergency Operations Center. Several injury victims were taken to local hospitals and trauma centers to receive treatment. Law enforcement has set up a family reunification center at the Riverside Community Center at 3700 E. Belknap St.

Loved ones of people involved in the crash are asked to pick up family members at the designated reunification center and avoid the accident site. Emergency response personnel are continuing to attend to accident victims who may be trapped inside their vehicles.

Inclement Weather Concerns

Overnight temperatures dropped significantly, causing freezing rain. The weather continues to be a concern as temperatures remain below freezing. Victims that remain in their vehicles may be at risk of developing hypothermia. As noted by the Star-Telegram, MedStar has over 30 units at the scene including “several ambulance buses” where individuals could seek warmth.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those involved in this accident, including the first responders and family members of those injured or killed. We will continue to follow this developing situation.

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