485 Woodlands Homeowners File Lawsuit Against Land Dev Company After Flooding

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Hurricane Harvey of 2017 caused widespread devastation and inundations across Texas. The Woodlands was one of the regions heavily affected by the storm cell. Hundreds of homes were flooded and suffered catastrophic damage as a result.

Now, 485 homeowners living in the Timarron Park subdivision of The Woodlands are demanding answers and compensation. A lawsuit was recently filed against The Woodlands Land Development Company, the Howard Hughes Corporation, and LJA Engineering for negligently designing and constructing a neighborhood in what should have been a known flood plain. Attorney Tommy Fibich of Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs in Houston is acting as one of the plaintiff party’s legal representatives.

In the lawsuit we have helped construct, we clearly note the region’s history of flooding. There are at least five noticeable inundations in the last 40 years that have drowned that portion of land. Yet the defendants still chose to build a neighborhood on the flood plain. We have also found evidence that suggests the defendants did not consider reliable data when choosing the elevation of homes plotted in the area.

We hope to secure compensation for all clients that help pay for property repairs, lost or damaged personal property, and noneconomic damages, such as the undue hardship experienced due to displacement and the danger of flooding. If you would like to know more about this ongoing case, you can click here to review a press release we have distributed locally. We also encourage you to contact our Houston injury lawyers at 713.999.3681 to discuss if you are eligible to file a similar claim after your home was damaged due to flooding.

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