The 5 Most Common and Dangerous Accidents at Houston Grocery Stores

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Accidents That Resulted in Serious Injury or Death at Harris County Stores

Few people expect to get seriously injured or killed while shopping for groceries. Tragically, serious accidents and injuries occur each year at Houston grocery stores. In some cases, these accidents are preventable caused by the negligence or recklessness of the grocer.

If you are injured in a store accident, you might be entitled to compensation by filing a premises liability claim. It is important to discuss your case with an experienced attorney as early as possible to determine your legal options.

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Here are 5 dangerous accidents that happened recently at Houston grocery stores:

1. Serious Slip and Fall at Aldi

A woman was awarded nearly $1.4 million after being injured in a slip and fall accident at an Aldi in Longview, Texas. According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, the 64-year-old woman’s injuries occurred after slipped and fell in a puddle in the store.

2. Woman Injured at Houston H-E-B

A woman suffered multiple injuries after slipping and falling on an empty pallet at a Houston-area H-E-B. According to the Southeast Texas Record, the lawsuit claims that the grocer failed to warn its customers about the dangerous condition and failed to maintain its premises in a reasonably safe condition.

Individuals injured in slip and fall accidents may be able to pursue compensation by filing a premises liability lawsuit against the retailer.

3. Fatal Crash at Fiesta Mart

Eight people were injured after an SUV crashed through a Fiesta Mart located in Houston. According to Click2Houston, victims suffered serious injuries including head trauma. It is unclear why the person crashed into the store and what safety measures the store had in place to prevent the crash.

4. Deadly Crash at H-E-B

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against a Houston H-E-B store for allegedly failing to prevent a car from crashing into the store. A woman shopping with her young child was killed when the concrete sphere located outside of the Gulfgate store failed to stop an SUV that came crashing through the store.

5. Walmart Black Friday Injury

A woman who suffered tendon damage in her shoulder sued a Houston-area Walmart for allegedly failing to provide adequate security during Black Friday. The incident is not the first Black Friday that has made headlines.

According to Chron, the shopping day is notorious for dangerous and deadly accidents. A Walmart employee was killed in 2008 after being trampled to death. Throughout the years several other people have been seriously injured in Black Friday-related accidents.

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