Affected by Hurricane Laura? We Can Help with Your First-Party Insurance Claim

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Obtaining Compensation for Losses Related to a Hurricane

As Hurricane Laura continues to move inland, the threat of life-threatening storm surge remains. Laura made landfall along the Gulf Coast in the early morning hours, leaving a path of destruction across multiple states. As Texas Governor Greg Abbott told ABC News, the storm is unprecedented in the areas that it has affected.

Hurricanes are some of the costliest natural disasters in the world. Large storms like Laura leave billions in property damage with an unfathomable amount of people completely displaced from their homes.

If you have property damage related to Hurricane Laura, our attorneys can help you recover your losses through a first-party insurance claim. Contact the office of Fibich, Leebron, Copeland, & Briggs at (713) 751-0025 to discuss your options or book a free consultation through our online contact form.

Filing a Claim with your Insurance Company After a Storm

In the aftermath of a hurricane, many families experience a catastrophic loss of property. The first call most people make is to their insurance company only to have the insurance company deny their claim.

Some of the most common reasons insurance companies deny coverage, delay payment, or underpay victims include the following:

  • Saying that the damage was “pre-existing.”
  • Claiming that the insured did not have enough coverage
  • Inadequate flood insurance
  • Failing to meet deductibles
  • Undervaluing the actual damage

If you suffer loss as a result of a storm, you have the right to file a claim and obtain compensation. No insurance company should deny coverage when there is a legitimate case. Our attorneys can help you stand up to the insurance company and demand the recovery that you are owed to repair or replace your property. Too often, insurance agents act in bad faith when denying or undervaluing claims, and they must be held accountable. Let our attorneys go to work getting you the money you need after a devastating storm.

Fighting for Your Rights After Catastrophic Loss

According to the Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions, Texas has the most severe weather in the country. In 2015 alone, the state had “16 catastrophic weather events,” resulting in over 400,000 claims for estimated property losses of $3.2 billion. For an insurance company to try to find a loophole to deny coverage to people who have lost so much is simply inexcusable. We know the toll that these storms can take, and we will fight against the corruption that plagues the insurance industry to get you the compensation you are entitled to under your policy.

Texas weather-related losses are only increasing each year as more severe storms are predicted in the future. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Harvey rank as two of the costliest hurricanes in the United States. Given the strength and size of Hurricane Laura, which reached a Category 4 before making landfall, it is likely that it will rank high in total loss.

Having an insurance company deny your claim can be defeating. You should never be further victimized because of a for-profit company. If your first-party insurance claim is denied, you can appeal their decision and file a lawsuit if the representative denied your claim acted in bad faith.

What To Do If You Have Losses Related to Hurricane Laura

Harm from a storm the size of Laura can range from minor exterior damage to complete property loss. The first thing you should do after discovering any damage is to contact your insurance company. State law requires you to act promptly in filing a claim; it is essential to contact your insurance representative as soon as possible—document who you speak with and the next steps to follow.

Take pictures and document any damage. Be sure to save receipts for any expenses related to the storm, including hotel costs if you are displaced from your home. Read through your policy to ensure that everything the representative is telling you regarding your claim is accurate.

Note whether the insurance company responds to your claim promptly or delays their investigation; these are routine practices that result in homeowners getting less than they need to recover after a storm. Do not be afraid to ask questions and exercise your right to have an appraisal done by an independent contractor.

Hire an Attorney for Your First-Party Insurance Claim

If your storm-related insurance claim was denied, contact our office to determine your legal options. Insurance companies that fail to acknowledge or reply to a claim may be held liable under Texas law. Furthermore, if the agent delays or denies your claim without cause, you may need legal representation to get the money that you are owed.

The insurance industry is known for looking for reasons not to pay out claims, particularly after natural disasters. As a policyholder, you have the right to demand that the insurance company and their representatives act in good faith when processing your claim and paying out for your damages.

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