Are Parking Lots Dangerous During the Holiday Season?

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With the holiday season in full effect, you can bet department stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and malls will have the busiest parking lots yet! Of course, this is due to the countless number of holiday shoppers traveling to purchase gifts for their loved ones, enjoying dinner with their families, buying food for the holiday dinners, and much more. With this being said, parking lots can become very dangerous if motorists are not careful when driving through populated parking structures.

To keep you, your family, and pedestrians safe while driving through parking lots this holiday season, consider the helpful tips we have provided below:

  1. Don’t Count on Your Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) System to Detect Pedestrians.
    Studies show that 90% of these traffic alert systems do not detect pedestrians crossing behind vehicles, leaving them at risk for serious injuries if drivers do not check their mirrors or turn to look.
  2. Always Turn to Check for Pedestrians Walking Behind Your Vehicle before Reversing.
    Regardless of whether your vehicle comes equipped with safety technologies such as RCTA systems, you should always turn around to ensure no pedestrians are walking behind the vehicles before reversing.
  3. Never Text and Drive, Even in Parking Lots.
    Because parking lots are small and have speed limits much lower than normal roads, many drivers will text while operating vehicles in the parking structures. However, a pedestrian can become injured if hit by a slow-moving vehicle.
  4. Keep an Eye of out for Cyclists, Too
    While most people know to keep an eye out for pedestrians when driving through parking structures, many motorists fail to look for bicyclists. To ensure safety for all persons using parking lots, check for pedestrians and any cyclists that may be headed in your direction before moving your vehicle.

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