Erin Copeland Voted Unanimously to American Association for Justice Board of Governors

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Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs is pleased to announce that Firm Partner Erin Copeland has been voted unanimously to serve on the Board of Governors for the American Association for Justice (AAJ), the world’s largest trial bar association. This is a significant achievement, and one that speaks volumes about the esteem and recognition Erin has earned over the course of a successful career advocating for the injured and the wronged.

As an established professional legal organization that began in 1946, the American Association for Justice has become a leader in furthering a fair and effective justice system. In addition to supporting its nationwide network of attorneys with resources that enable them to provide exceptional representation to the injured and the wronged, AAJ has also established itself as one of the largest and most successful advocates for the civil justice system. This includes invaluable work in the legislative landscape surrounding the American civil legal system, and a vital role in protecting victims rights’ as they come under attack by powerful corporations that dominate the political process and prioritize profits over people.

As a member of the Board of Governors, Erin will convene regularly at conventions and special meetings to establish and improve Association policies – including policies that shape the AAJ’s mission to address some of the most pressing issues faced by the American public and practicing civil trial lawyers.

Erin’s unanimous election to the AAJ Board of Governors is a clear indication of the respect she has earned among legal peers, and the work she has been tirelessly committed to over the years. This includes not only successes in helping injured victims and families secure the justice and compensation they deserve in their individual cases, but also the far-reaching impact her notable cases have in compelling changes critical to public health and safety.

For example, Erin’s recent work involves the representation of victims across the country on two large medical device cases involving vaginal mesh and Essure. Her efforts are focused on providing the injured and the wronged with a bold and unwavering voice in our civil justice system, especially as they face off against massive corporations that leverage financial influence to quash claims and continue making profits at the expense of innocent victims. Her work and professional abilities have not gone without notice, and were a large factor in her being voted unanimously to the Board of Governors.

Our firm congratulates Erin on this impressive accomplishment. We believe she will be a tremendous asset to AAJ and our nation’s civil justice system, just as she has and continues to be for the many victims and families we represent.

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