Dangerous IVC Filters the Subject of Widespread Litigation

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NBC Nightly News recently aired a two-part exposé on medical device manufacturer CR Bard’s IVC filtration device. Also known as The Recovery, this small metal trap, which is surgically implanted into the largest vein in the body, is supposed to work by trapping blood clots before they can reach the lungs or heart, where they can be fatal. So far, however, IVC filters have been responsible for 27 fatalities and nearly 300 other serious injuries and complications.

The device is currently manufactured by 11 companies in the U.S., but CR Bard’s products stood out early on as being especially dangerous. For example, one patient reported that a piece of wire broke off of the filter, traveled through the bloodstream, and pierced her heart. In another case, a patient was killed when a blood clot actually pushed the entire filter into her heart. CR Bard is currently facing widespread litigation from patients like these who have been affected by the faulty filter.

Both Bard and the FDA have been under intense scrutiny as allegations have surfaced. Bard did not recall the product after initial reports of the device’s high rate of fatality, device fracture, and device movement, and continued to sell 34,000 more units for nearly 3 years before another version of the device was released. This failure to address the problem has many people concerned that Bard willfully endangered and mislead the public by continuing to supply it with a product it knew was flawed. So far, Bard officials refuse to admit any fault, claiming that the device received all of the appropriate clearances from the FDA.

The FDA also refuses to take any responsibility for the product. Though they have declined to comment on the situation, they have maintained that they have done their part to protect the public health. In light of NBC’s investigation, however, there is evidence that the FDA application to approve the device contained a forged signature on behalf of a doctor who refused to back down on her many concerns about the safety of the product.

Trusted Representation for Victims of Dangerous Medical Devices

If you or a loved one have received an IVC implant, we advise that you contact your doctor immediately to determine if CR Bard manufactured your filter and whether you should have it removed. There are concerns that the longer a device stays implanted, the greater the risk, so do not delay.

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