Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs Supports Local Law Enforcement, Congratulates Officer Todd Fibich on Commendation

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Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs is proud to support the hard-working men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. Our support of local law enforcement runs deep, as members of our legal team have friends and family members who have taken the oath to protect and serve. This includes Founding Partner Tommy Fibich’s son, Officer Todd Fibich, who was recently awarded a Commendation for excellence from the League City Police Department!

Officer Fibich was awarded the Commendation from Chief of Police Gary D. Ratliff in connection to a recent arrest of an armed shooting suspect who had shot a victim several times. The incident, which occurred in early January, involved a shooting at a GMC Dealership in Dickinson and a police pursuit.

As the Commendation notes, Officer Fibich responded to the call and located the suspect traveling northbound on IH-5. After initiating a felony stop, the suspect fled and led Officer Fibich on a nearly three-mile pursuit through Clear Lake. During this time, Officer Fibich was able to calmly and effectively relay his location, speed, and direction through unfamiliar roadways and neighborhoods. The pursuit ended as the suspect stopped in front of a residence, fled the vehicle, and attempted to gain entry into the residence through the front door. Despite numerous commands, the suspect would not comply with law enforcement.

With another officer covering his left side, Officer Fibich deployed his Taser, striking the suspect in the back. As the suspect fell backwards, a revolver fell from the front of his body. Officer Fibich was then able to place the suspect in custody without further use of force.

The Commendation praises Officer Fibich on his keen observation skills, textbook pursuit, and successful use of restraint and reasonable non-lethal force in the apprehension of a very dangerous armed suspect who had just shot a victim five times. His use of training, experience, and poise under pressure proved invaluable in the conducting the swift arrest, with no serious injuries to the public or the suspect.

Our firm congratulates Officer Todd Fibich on his Commendation. It’s officers like these who we are proud to support, and whom we routinely collaborate and work with when advocating on behalf of personal injury clients involved in accidents and other incidents to which law enforcement respond.

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