How Many People Have Being Injured By the ET-Plus Guardrail?


At Least a Dozen Lawsuits Filed Against Guardrail Manufacturer

The exact number of serious accidents that can be linked to the ET-Plus Guardrail is unclear, but it may be in the hundreds. Nearly all states have banned the installation of the allegedly defective guardrail for fear that modifications made to its design made it more likely to cause severe injury or death.

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How Many Injuries Have Been Caused by the ET-Plus Guardrail?

The precise number of injuries and deaths that have been caused by the ET-Plus Guardrail remains unknown. At least a dozen lawsuits have been filed against Texas-based Trinity Industries, the manufacturer of the potentially deadly guardrail.

According to reporting by WRAL News, the guardrail has been linked to as many as “40 deaths and hundreds of injuries nationwide.” For motorists that survive the impact with the guardrail, injuries are generally catastrophic. Many involve the amputation of one or both legs.

What About the Guardrail Is Considered Defective?

Lawsuits filed against the ET-Plus Guardrail manufacturer suggest that changes to the width of the guardrail head and the height of the feeder channel affected the performance of the safety device.

The changes, which were not disclosed to state or federal regulators, reportedly make the guardrail more likely to jam. Instead of absorbing the impact and bending away, the end terminals lock up, causing them to form a spear-like bar that can puncture a vehicle.

Are ET-Plus Guardrails Still Used?

Many states have removed the ET-Plus Guardrail from their lists of approved products and prohibited the device from being installed on new construction projects. However, even though most states have banned the installation of ET-Plus Guardrails, the devices still exist on countless highways across the United States.

study released by The Safety Institute and conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Engineering found that the ET-Plus Guardrail was 1.36x more likely to produce a severe injury compared to its predecessor, the ET-2000. It also found that it was 2.86x more likely to be fatal.

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