Large Scaffolding Accident in Houston Traps Victims

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At about 11 A.M. on Friday, October 16th, 2015, a scaffolding accident occurred at a construction site at an apartment building located at 300 Crawford at Commerce in Houston, Texas. The collapse resulted in large metal pieces falling on the pavement located below the apartment building. Reports state that several individuals were and may still be trapped under the debris.

Several victims have been removed from the wreckage and have received medical attention in nearby hospitals. While reports state most of the injuries that occurred are not life threatening, many believe there may be other victims still trapped under the scaffolding rubble.

The captain of the Houston Fire Department states there it is high probability of a second collapse. Fire fighters are working hard to protect the area and are forcing onlookers to back away from the scene in case of a secondary downfall.

Currently, at least 30 units are on the scene. Investigators and other law enforcement officers are working hard to calculate the amount of workers that were on the site versus the amount of persons removed from the debris.

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