The Dangers of a DIY Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Why You Need Professional Legal Help After an Accident

While personal injury claims may seem straightforward, the process of navigating the legal system, supporting claims with evidence, and fighting back against insurance companies that want to pay as little as possible can be immensely challenging.

Our legal team at Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs know these challenges intimately. We have helped victims and families throughout Texas protect their right to compensation even in the most challenging cases, and against the most aggressive defendants, including corporations and insurance companies that place profits over people. Contact us today at 713-751-0025 for a free consultation.

Your Right to Legal Representation After an Injury

Victims harmed by the negligent or wrongful acts of others have rights when it comes to holding at-fault parties liable for their injuries and damages. These rights enable victims to pursue civil lawsuits that aim to prove a defendant’s negligence or failures to uphold a legal duty, more likely than not led to their accident and injuries.

Because we know the difficulties of personal injury lawsuits, and how easy it can be for victims to miss out on the just outcomes and compensation they deserve, we always advise that victims and families seek assistance from qualified lawyers following preventable injuries. However, some victims entertain the idea of handing a claim themselves.

5 Reasons Why It’s Dangerous to Handle Your Injury Claim Alone

1. The law is complex.

The phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” could not ring more true when it comes to the law. Just as we trust our health to medical experts, we place our trust in legal professionals who have an understanding and familiarity with law we do not. Even lawyers do not represent themselves in their personal legal matters.

Personal injury law can be profoundly complex, and legal issues of all types can arise given the unique facts and circumstances present in a case. From determining fault and liability to establishing the basic legal elements of a negligence claim and navigating various areas of law, trained lawyers have the requisite tools. When handling a lawsuit on your own, you put yourself at a disadvantage when facing defendants and insurance companies that likely have a team of attorneys on their side.

2. Lawsuits can be expensive.

Civil lawsuits cost money. Expenses are not just limited to filing and court fees, but extend to all aspects of building an effective case. This includes investigations, accident reconstruction, working with expert witnesses, and extensive amounts of time curating the evidence and arguments that win cases.

Without a lawyer, you would need to cover these expenses yourself, and defendants would likely seek to exhaust your financial reserves in order for you to simply give in. When you work with our personal injury lawyers, you don’t pay anything up front. Because we work on contingency fees, we cover all expenses related to your claim, and only collect attorney fees if a successful recovery is made in your case.

3. Errors in civil procedure can hurt your case.

Without an attorney, you may struggle with trying to learn all the procedural rules involved in your case, including deadlines and protocol for filing certain legal actions (not to mention understanding when they should be used and how). A simple procedural error could delay your case or derail it entirely by resulting in a dismissal or unfavorable ruling.

4. You may not have the professional connections.

Personal injury lawsuits require evidence to support claims and refute arguments raised by the defense. Our attorneys have cultivated an extensive network of connections we leverage for the benefit of our clients.

Often, accumulating this evidence requires working with professional experts such as:

  • Accident reconstruction specialists;
  • Industry pros;
  • Medical experts who can provide support and testimony regarding the nature of your accident, issues involved, and your injuries;
  • And other professionals

5. The defense will capitalize on your lack of representation.

One of the most important things to consider when thinking about handling your own lawsuit is that you will not be up against other laymen. The defendants you face will likely be corporations and insurance companies that employ talented legal teams highly experienced in defending against claims and lawsuits from victims.

They know the tools of the trade, and they employ tactics that enable them to capitalize on plaintiffs who do not have representation. When they raise challenges to your claims, engage in procedural obstruction, or simply work to win, you face immense challenges.

Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs: Your Houston Legal Advocates

When you depend on securing financial compensation to recover your losses and navigate your future, a DIY lawsuit puts you at risk. Learn how our nationally recognized lawyers can help protect your rights as you navigate the personal injury lawsuit process, and why we have the tools to help you secure the outcome you need.

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