4 Problems with Essure® Birth Control

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Marketed as a nonincisional approach to permanent birth control, the Essure® procedure involves implanting a coil made from polyester fibers and metals into each of a woman’s fallopian tubes. Once implanted, body tissue is supposed to grow in and around the coils thereby creating a barrier that blocks sperm from reaching a woman’s eggs. While this form of birth control may have been beneficial for some women, there have been numerous reports of adverse events associated with Essure®. These potential side effects can cause serious, long-term health problems and may require one or more surgical procedures to repair. In order to protect yourself or your loved one from injury, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with Essure® before you consider using the device.

Unintended Pregnancy & Miscarriage

For many women, the Essure® device has not prevented pregnancy as it was marketed and intended to do. Becoming pregnant with the Essure® device inside of the body can be highly dangerous to both the woman and her unborn baby. Many women with the Essure® device who have become pregnant have suffered from dangerous ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, and even still births. Not only is this dangerous physically, it can also result in severe and long-lasting emotional injuries.

Device Migration or Breakage

Once implanted inside the fallopian tubes, the Essure® coils are not supposed to move. However, in many instances, one or both of the coils have stretched, bent, and/or broken inside the woman’s body and migrated away from the original location inside the fallopian tubes. In fact, Essure® coils have been found inside the pelvis, the abdomen, and even the liver in some instances. Not only does migration put a woman at risk for unintended pregnancy, it can also result in dangerous perforation of other bodily organs requiring one or more surgical procedures to remove. Some women have been forced to undergo a complete hysterectomy to remove the Essure® coils.

Nickel Poisoning or Allergies

Allergic reactions are a possible side effect for some women due to the nickel-titanium used to make the coils. Many women have reported rashes and hair loss after having the Essure® device implanted inside of their body. Nickel poisoning can cause extreme illness to some women and may result in birth defects to a baby should the woman become pregnant with the Essure® device inside her body. Nickel poisoning can also lead to a miscarriage. It is imperative that any woman still considering Essure® for birth control get tested for nickel allergies before undergoing the procedure. She must also be aware that the nickel related side effects can occur even if she is not allergic.

Pain & Menstrual Irregularities

There have been countless reports of women who have suffered from menstrual irregularities and chronic pelvic and/or abdominal pain after having the Essure® device implanted. These reports include excessive bleeding, longer periods, or periods not following a regular schedule. Weight fluctuations, headache, fatigue, depression, and other severe symptoms often accompany these types of menstrual irregularities.

What is the FDA Doing About Essure®?

Despite the serious and life-altering side effects associated with the Essure® device, it remains on the market today. In February 2016, the FDA did order a boxed warning (the highest method of warning) be added to the Essure® label to heighten awareness of some of the dangerous risks associated with Essure®. The FDA also ordered that a patient decision checklist detailing the risks associated with Essure® be distributed to all women considering the procedure and be signed by them before undergoing the procedure. If you are considering this procedure, it is important that you review and understand the risks. If you or someone you love have already had the device implanted and have been harmed as a result, you should know that you have options for legal recourse.

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